Healthy Recipes for Back to School

With the rush of summer coming to a close and school upon us, finding healthy recipes can be the last thing on our minds! Fortunately, they are super easy to find. Below are a few resources to find healthy recipes to keep your family well fed!

FondY5210 – A local resource from the Living Well FDL coalition with recipes to help incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. – A local resource from Living Well FDL coalition with many recipes and ideas to stay healthy.

What’s Cooking? – A USDA resource with searchable recipes. Includes recipes for large families, recipes that include SNAP eligible foods and price estimates, and recipes in Spanish. Nutrition facts are included as well.

Festival Foods – Eat Well Blog – Updated on Wednesdays, this blog highlights a new recipe that can be easily made or found at Festival Foods each week.

Feel free to leave your favorite recipe site or resources in the comments below! Happy and healthy eating!

Living Well FDL Coalition


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