What is the Alcohol Atmosphere at Your Community Event?

Community events and festivals are an important part of our community life and culture. At their best, they can be a place for children to play and family and friends to gather. Festivals and other public events can play a dual role in community norms by both setting and reflecting them.  Community events are often opportunities to celebrate the community and its identity.

The management of alcohol consumption is a major part of the event that must be planned well in advance of the event itself. Public events may unintentionally support and encourage heavy use of alcohol. With beer tents, signage and sponsorships, alcohol can easily overshadow the purpose of these events and become the main attraction. There are many best practices that can be put in place to create a positive atmosphere for all community members.

If you are having a youth and/or family event consider these practices:

  • Provide a designated area for alcohol sales, away from all family and youth-oriented activities where underage patrons are not allowed
  • Keep the youth areas alcohol-free and post signage (Alcohol Free Zone)
  • To reduce youth exposure to advertising, post alcohol advertising above 36” from the ground
  • Sell only non-alcoholic beverages at youth-oriented events, such as athletic games or tournaments

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To reduce binge drinking and intoxication and the consequences of public disturbances or injuries consider these practices:

  • Limit the number of alcoholic beverages that can be purchased at one time:
  • Limit cup size to 12-16 oz. for beer and wine coolers and choose not to serve pitchers
  • Price non-alcoholic drinks less than alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid drink promotions, such as “2 for 1” or “happy hour”

Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County and the Healthy Fond du Lac County 2020 initiative encourages community event planners to use our “Community Event Toolkit for Alcohol Management” located at this link:  http://www.drugfreefdl.com/sft678/alcoholmanagement_toolkitfdlfinal.pdf



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