An Up-To-Date look at the National School Lunch Program

Paralleling our nation’s changing policies on health, school lunch is changing! After the passing of the “Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act”, The National School Lunch program guidelines have adapted to be in line with the USDA Dietary Guidelines.  There are new standards of nutrition that will have a large impact on what schools can and cannot serve students for lunch.

New menus are designed to ensure that students receive a balanced meal, consisting of foods from all major food groups in the right proportions to meet calorie and other nutrient needs.

While the selections schools offer may sound the same because they are ‘kid-favorites,’ the public should know that many of the recipes have been modified to reduce fats, salt and sugar, and to add whole grains. Schools will be offering different foods that students may not have tried before, for example in Fond du Lac, elementary students have the fun option of choosing salads like a “Baja Chicken Salad” and a “Beef Nacho Salad” every week.

Here in Fond du Lac, Aramark has already set the stage for making school lunch healthier. We continue to offer a salad option and the fresh fruit and vegetable bar daily at all elementary schools, and the salad bars at the middle schools and the high school. In addition to the available produce, all breads and buns the students are served are whole grain rich. We enjoy serving the students a well-balanced, nutritious meal that will keep them fueled up for the day!

Beth Ann Abraham, R.D.
Assistant Director
Fond du Lac School District


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