Halloween Candy Alternatives

October is almost upon us which means the arrival of…the dreaded Halloween candy! The first couple pieces always taste so amazing but as the bucket or pillow case of candy goes down, the stomach ache increases! With so much awareness around keeping our kids and ourselves (sneaky candy stealing parents) healthy, here are some awesome alternatives to handing out candy this year!


Make sure to remember to talk to your kids about moderation. A few pieces of candy are a fun treat but when Halloween candy lasts until Christmas, it can put our health at risk. Both healthier foods and food alternatives can make for a new healthy Halloween. Make sure you speak positive about the alternatives so they are looked at as an exciting new prize or toy. Ideas from: http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/2014/10/party-crafts-and-diy/9-diy-alternatives-to-halloween-candy and for more ideas visit the Living Well FDL Pinterest page! https://www.pinterest.com/LivingWellFDL/



Kya Schnettler, MPH, CHES

Living Well FDL Coalition Coordinator


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