Save a Smile Dental Program

Save a Smile provides dental care to Fond du Lac County residents who have Medical Assistance and are not covered by any other plan. This unique program is the only one like it in America.

For kids...

One in three Wisconsin children are living with untreated dental decay, the most preventable chronic disease in the United States. Education is the most effective way to reduce oral disease.

For adults...

Ninety-six percent of emergency room visits due to dental pain are preventable, not due to trauma or accidents.

Save a Smile patients learn about the negative effects of sugary beverages, tobacco products, oral piercings, the link between dental health and overall health, oral cancer and more. But Save a Smile is more than education. Our expert providers deliver needed dental treatment with dignity and compassion. Patients often come away with a new understanding of the importance of good daily oral hygiene practices, healthy diet and routine preventive dental care.

To see if you are eligible, contact Fond du Lac County Health Department at (920) 929-3090 or email us at



Dental Tips

Helpful Tips for Oral Health

  • Schedule regular dental appointments, beginning by age 1.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, limiting sugars and sweets.
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Ask your dentist or pediatrician about fluoride supplements to prevent tooth decay.
  • Avoid Nursing Bottle Syndrome, a severe form of tooth decay. It is caused by giving your child a bottle containing milk, formula or juice at bedtime or for long periods of time during the day. If your child wants a bottle at bedtime, fill it with water only and remove it once the child falls asleep.
  • Avoid the use of all tobacco products.
  • Only put water in bottles or sippy cups between meals for your child.

Tips for Cavity-Free Kids

  • Good dental health is important to your child’s overall health
  • Healthy teeth are needed for correct chewing and food digestion
  • Healthy teeth may plan an important role in the proper development of speech
  • Healthy teeth help your child’s face and jaws develop properly
  • Untreated cavities lead to infected teeth, which in turn lead to pain, tooth loss and serious medical problems