About the Coalition

Why a Community Health Improvement Plan?

Business, education and community leaders throughout Fond du Lac County recognize that to improve the health of our community we need a community-driven strategic plan.

Our Community Health Improvement Plan involved more than 50 committed individuals working over the past 10 months to develop strategic, time-specific objectives, which address our most pressing health concerns as shown in this report.

The Healthy Fond du Lac County 2020 Steering Committee is challenging individuals, families, organizations and businesses to review this plan, and support activities and initiatives that will make Fond du Lac County a healthier place to live, work and play.

To become involved or for more information, contact the Fond du Lac County Health Department at (920) 929-3085, contact any Steering Committee member or download our brochure.

Steering Committee Members

Matt Doll - Integnet  DollM2@agnesian.com

Erin Gerred - Fond du Lac County erin.gerred@fdlco.wi.gov

Greg Giles - YMCA ggiles@fdlymca.org

Bill Lamb - Fond du Lac City Police Department wlamb@fdl.wi.gov

Sister Mary Mollison - Agnesian Healthcare MollisonM@agnesian.com

Kim Mueller- Fond du Lac County Health Department kim.mueller@fdlco.wi.gov

Warren Post MD - Medical and Board of Health postw@agnesian.com

Tina Potter - Fond du Lac Area United Way director@fdlunitedway.org

Lalitha Ramamoorthy - Marian University lramamoorthy47@marianuniversity.edu

Larry Richardson - FABOH lrichardson@faboh.com

Sandi Roehrig - Fond du Lac Area Foundation sandi@fdlareafoundation.com

Marty Ryan - Rotary marty.ryan@physiocorp.com

Heather Schmidt DO - Agnesian Healthcare schmidth@agnesian.com

Steve Little – Agnesian Healthcare littles@agnesian.com

Kevin Shaw - St Mary Springs Academy kshaw@smsacademy.org

Marian Sheridan - Fond du Lac School District SheridanM@fonddulac.k12.wi.us

John Short - UW Fond du Lac john.short@uwc.edu

Michelle Tidemann - UW- Extension michelle.tidemann@ces.uwex.edu

Deann Thurmer - Waupun Memorial Hospital thurmerd@agnesian.com

Katherine Vergos - Ripon Medical Center vergosk@agnesian.com

Jennifer Walters - Aurora Health Care jennifer_walters@aurora.org