Improve mental health access for Fond du Lac County residents

Our Strategies

  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness through education
  • Expand wellness initiaitves and participation
  • Expand crisis intervention and community trauma response services
  • Decrease wait times for first mental health appointments
  • Increase effective recruitment and retention of mental health providers

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Need Help Now?

If you or someone else is:

  • Harming themselves or someone else
  • Communicating they may harm themselves or someone else
  • Saying or doing something that leads you to believe they are “not in touch with reality”
  • Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and you are concerned about their safety

Call 911 – Your local law enforcement will come and provide assistance

If you or someone else is:

  • Feeling (not acting out) rage or uncontrolled anger
  • Having dramatic mood changes
  • Acting reckless/engaging in risky behaviors
  • Withdrawing from people or activities 
  • Feeling trapped/hopeless
  • Dealing with a recent loss or failure
  • Having a decline in grades/work
  • Experiencing sleep changes
  • Increasing drug or alcohol use
  • Seeing no reason to live
  • Feeling extremely anxious

Call the Fond du Lac County Crisis Line – available at all times – 929-3535